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Hydrafacial MD


HydraFacial MD is the latest trend in overall skin health. A simple HydraFacial treatment thoroughly cares for your skin through cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, and hydration, including Vortex-Fusion® of antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid. A hybrid of soothing, invigorating spa therapies and the most advanced medical technology give you instant, lasting results with no downtime. We recommend monthly maintenance treatments to restore youthful, healthy skin for every skin type and customize each facial for mature, aging and acne-prone skin. Plastic surgeon Dr. Robert G. Anderson recommends HydraFacial treatments to surgery patients to prepare the skin and extend the results of their plastic surgery. The Hydrafacial became quickly known as Hollywood’s go-to red carpet prep treatment to get camera ready. As seen on TV shows The Doctors and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, ABC, CBS, and FOX you can also read about HydraFacial in ElleAllureBazaar, and InStyle magazines. Experience the Vortex for yourself and schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our aestheticians. Let us show you the amazing results of the 4-step process and reveal rejuvenated skin.

Types of Hydrafacials


The classic hydrafacial is a 4-step process that detoxifies, rehydrates, and protects the skin on the face.

Neck + Chest Hydrafacial

The deluxe facial includes the same process for the classic hydrafacial but it includes the neck and chest in addition to the face.

Anti-aging Hydrafacial

The anti-aging hydrafacial includes connective tissue growth factors (ctgf) containing human growth stem cells to stimulate collagen.

Dermabuilder Hydrafacial

The dermabuilder hydrafacial is a 5-step process that includes protein rich peptides to soften fine lines, plus it stimulates collagen and elastin in the expression areas of the face.

Brightening Hydrafacial

The brightening hydrafacial delivers a clearer, brighter complexion while diminishing the appearance of brown spots and discoloration.

Acne Hydrafacial

The acne/oily hydrafacial includes led light therapy and painless vortex-extraction, plus manual extractions as needed.


The ultimate hydrafacial includes lymphatic drainage, the hydrafacial with dermabuilder, and LED light therapy.


Every Hydrafacial uses the Vortex-Fusion multi-step delivery system. Every facial includes:

  • Vortex-ExfoliationTM – to remove dead skin cells
  • Vortex-PeelTM – a glycolic and salicylic acid peel
  • Vortex-ExtractionTM – painless suction to clean the pores.
  • Vortex-FusionTM or Vortex-BoostTM – to nourish and protect the skin
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