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Permanent Makeup


Permanent makeup applied with tattoo pigment can help patients save time in their daily routine, allow them to avoid allergens and sensitivities in regular cosmetics, and help patients who have a medical condition, such as vision trouble, arthritis, or Parkinson’s disease. Many patients also enjoy permanent makeup since it does not run when the face gets wet or sweaty. Permanent makeup is applied with the same type of machine used to create body art, but it is often applied to enhance eyebrows, as a permanent upper and lower eyeliner, as well as long lasting lip liner or lipstick. Fort Worth residents who want to learn more about the freedom of permanent makeup, should schedule a consultation at Anderson MedSpa to learn more.


For patients who have sparse or no eyebrow hair, using an eyebrow pencil everyday to create natural-looking brows can be time-consuming and difficult to draw evenly. An eyebrow design that is cosmetically tattooed will create a natural and consistent look for the patient.

Upper eyeliner

Applying eyeliner to the upper edges of the eyelashes is part of most makeup routines, but many people struggle to achieve a perfect, thin line on both eyes. Permanent eyeliner along the upper eyelashes can help patients avoid uneven lines and smudges, as well as save valuable time during their cosmetic application.

Lower eyeliner

Properly applied eyeliner along the lower eyelashes can help the eyes appear brighter and fuller, but like upper eyeliner, lower eyeliner can be challenging to apply. Lower eyeliner is also prone to smudging and settling in the lines under the eyes, which makes a person look older. Cosmetic tattooing is perfect to create smudge-proof, eye-opening eyeliner along the lower eyelashes.

Full lips

Many patients choose to get permanent makeup on their lips so they can stop re-applying lipstick throughout the day. The lips can be pigmented with a neutral shade or in the patient’s bright, signature color. Patients who have permanent lip makeup enjoy the time and money they save, plus traditional lip cosmetics will last longer when it is applied over the cosmetic tattoo.

Lip liner

A common sign of aging is less defined lines around the lips that many patients correct with a daily application of lip liner. Permanent cosmetic lip liner gives the lips clear definition, corrects uneven lips, prevents lipstick bleeding, and gives the lips a fuller appearance.

About the Procedure

After a thorough consultation between the makeup artist and the patient, the permanent makeup is applied. Cosmetic tattooing can be performed with different tools, including a traditional tattoo coil machine, a pen machine, or a hand device, which will be chosen by the technician based on the location of the tattoo and the design that they are creating. After the procedure, the technician will give the patient aftercare instructions that are specific to the area that has been treated.

Photos: Before & After

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