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New Year, New Skin: Our Beauty and Skincare Resolutions for 2017​

The new year is upon us and our team of skincare experts have a renewed commitment to taking great care of their skin — and yours! Here are just a few of our skincare and beauty resolutions for 2017.

  • Tamara: My New Year’s Resolution is to start using my skincare regimen consistently, especially ZO Growth Factor, and to have IPL done every six months to minimize my hyperpigmentation.
  • Jessica: I’m most excited to start the new year off with new skin after having my Fraxellaser treatment done next week. It will be a nice, fresh start to soften my discoloration, minimize lines and wrinkles, shrink my pores and tighten my skin all over. I’ll maintain my healthy, new skin by using retinol on a weekly basis to keep old skin cells from building up. Getting rid of damaged skin is the best way to have a healthy complexion.
  • Jana: Don’t make excuses. Your skin goes through a lot during the day. From UV rays, to pollution, to harsh weather conditions and more, there is no greater feeling than a clean, washed face at the end of the night. No matter how loudly your bed is calling for you, skipping out on your nightly beauty routine will only lead to more problems later on. This New Year, don’t make excuses for slacking on skincare. You deserve healthy, beautiful skin.
  • Lauren: My focus this year is healthy skin from the inside out. I’ve noticed a profound difference in the quality of my skin when I’m hydrated, eating right and getting plenty of sleep. Bouncing back from a frenzy of holiday overeating is challenging, but I know I will see significant improvements in just a few weeks. I like to combine these products with regular HydrafacialsZO FoamacleanseMD Ethics Anti-Aging SerumNeocutis JourneeZO Retamax and Skinceuticals Clarifying Clay Mask.
  • Melissa: I would love be on top of my Hydrafacials this year (one every four to six weeks) and I am also going to be extra sure to wear sunscreen each and every day to prevent further damage to my skin. My favorite skin care items are Neocutis Exfoliating CleanserNeocutis Hyalis, and ZO Hydrafirm Eye Cream.

Want to achieve healthy, youthful, glowing skin this year? Contact us at 817-810-0770 to schedule a free consultation. With a VISIA skincare analysis, we can identify your specific skincare needs and develop a custom program tailored to you.

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