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Juvéderm® Volux XC™ | Fort Worth Jawline Definition Service

What Is Juvéderm® Volux XC™?

Juvéderm Volux is a hyaluronic acid-based gel filler, specifically formulated to lend a lifting effect, definition and smoothness to the jawline, chin, and jowls. It is similar to Juvéderm Voluma, but with a thicker, more cohesive hyaluronic acid (HA) formula that outperforms other fillers.

This latest innovation in the Juvéderm family of fillers (including Vollure, Volbella, Ultra, Ultra Plus and Voluma) has been shown to be effective at helping patients achieve:

  • a more chiseled jawline
  • a younger, “lifted” look without the need for surgery
  • a stronger, more defined chin
  • more pleasing facial proportions overall

It is the new, thicker formula that gives the Juvéderm Volux XC filler its ability to provide a degree of lift and structure to a jawline, jowls, or recessed chin not possible with other dermal fillers.

And Volux’s proprietary formula includes 0.3% lidocaine to instantly make treatment more comfortable.

The Advantages of Juvéderm® Volux XC™ at Fort Worth MedSpa

Juvéderm Volux answers the growing demand for effective, non-surgical jawline enhancement options. This highly stable filler mimics the structure of bone yet can be dissolved later if necessary.

  • FDA-approved
  • Long-lasting (up to 18 months)
  • Less painful injections than other fillers
  • Natural-looking results

Considering non-surgical solutions for more youthful and defined features? Book a consultation with Fort Worth MedSpa to find out if Juvéderm Volux is right for you.

How Juvéderm® Volux XC™ Works

Juvéderm Volux XC contains more hyaluronic acid than other fillers and earlier Juvéderm products, producing a smoother, denser formula than other dermal fillers. That density is ideal for precise sculpting and superior lower face shaping.

At Fort Worth MedSpa, a trained and experienced Juvéderm specialist injects Volux deep into the tissues at the treatment site to create lift and reproportion the face. After a short healing period, patients are left with better definition and balance in their overall appearance.

Considering Juvéderm Volux XC? Let us help you weigh the benefits and risks of this and other contouring treatments.

Before/After Photos

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should use Juvéderm® Volux XC™?

Juvéderm Volux is indicated for ages 21 and up to improve definition in the chin and/or jawline. This FDA-approved dermal filler has been shown to be safe for most people. Those with a history of allergic reaction, particularly to hyaluronic acid or lidocaine, should not use dermal fillers.

What is Juvéderm® Volux XC™ treatment like?

The thick Volux filler is injected deep into tissues for an instant transformation to the jawline or chin. Treatment with Juvéderm Volux takes just minutes per targeted area. Patients may choose to treat more than one trouble spot in a single session, so treatment times may vary.

Are there any side effects of Juvéderm® Volux XC™ treatment?

Due to the addition of a small amount of anesthetic, Juvéderm® Volux XC™ injections are more comfortable than other dermal fillers. Patients may experience minor tenderness, bruising and swelling to the treatment area, which subsides after a few days.

What results can I expect from Juvéderm® Volux XC™?

Volux contouring is instantaneous and optimal results are achieved in about two weeks, once the filler has fully settled. After healing, the treated area feels as though it’s supported by the original, natural bone, all without the invasiveness of surgery.

How long does Juvéderm® Volux XC™ last?

Juvéderm Volux is a long-lasting dermal filler that dramatically improves the contours of the jaw and chin for an average of 6 to 18 months. Some patients have seen results last up to 24 months, but this will vary from one person to another.

Despite its durability, Volux has the advantage of being reversible. If, for some reason, the results are not satisfactory, the patient does not need to wait for it to wear off – the filler can be dissolved.

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